Upcycling at Home and Away


My latest crafting obsession is covering things with paper/material and PVA glue. These little votives are so simple to make. They are upcycled from old candle holders and glass jars. You simply

1. Cut the paper of your choice into squares – I used craft paper,old wrapping paper and newspaper
2. Mix PVA glue with water (I used a ratio of 1:1)
3. Cover the glass with a thin layer of glue mixture
4. Place a square on the glass and cover with a layer of glue
5. Repeat step 4 until the whole glass is covered
6. Leave to dry

Once they are dry, you can varnish them using a clear varnish. I didn’t for these and they have survived many tea lights. I would varnish them if fabric was used instead of paper.





I spent the weekend at a music festival Electric Picnic, showing people how to make necklaces from old t-shirts for Re-dress. It was so much fun crafting all day and chatting to people. There is a tutorial on how to make them here (last video at the bottom of the page). And the photos from the day are here.


Guerrilla Felting

Wool Tree Guerilla Knit

I came across this beautiful coloured tree in the Phoenix Park. It takes guerrilla knitting to a new level with guerrilla felting!

While I have been quiet in internet land things have been very busy in the real world. I have two pieces of good news which I can share soon!

I am going down to Electric Picnic next weekend, which will be brilliant. I’ll be one of the girls on the yellow Re-dress bike showing people how to make upcycled necklaces from old t-shirts. I can wait. We have lots of picnic blankets so well set up shop where ever we find friendly people who want to make something. We have spent a day painting material with glow in the dark paint for night time glowing! We will be making tutorials and putting them up online, so I’ll put up the link.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

Wool Tree Guerilla Knit

Wool Tree Guerilla Knit

Wool Tree Guerilla Knit

Photo Adventures

Hobby Vignette Tales from a Teapot

Hobby Vignette Tales from a Teapot

Vintage Vignette Tales from a Teapot

Vintage Vignette Tales from a Teapot

The heat wave is officially over, which means you can now sit indoors without feeling guilty or that your missing out on sunshine related fun. I have been taking vignette style pictures of some of my favourite crafts and vintage finds. Most of my stuff is still stored in the attic, so I am a bit short on props. I am currently on a house hunt, so hopefully I’ll be re-united with the rest of my vintage china soon!

Emboidery Hoops…Sew much fun!




I posted a ‘Work In Progress’ shot of my Alice in Wonderland embroidery hoop last week, well here is the finished piece! It was definitely one of the most time consuming crafts I have engaged in for a while, but one of my favourites. I traced a picture from a great craft book Everything Alice, but you can be really original and creative with it. I’ve used a few different stitches, including the back stitch, chain stitch and running stitch. You can find out more about some of the basic hand stitches here. My next project is Slogan Embroidery, sewing some of my favourite quotes on fabric and Indian style arrows, which I have grown a strange obsession with.

I also made a couple of fabric hoops, which are so simple. Just secure the fabric in the hoop, glue on some cute buttons and bows and voila. I want to cover a wall in these! Now I need to figure out how to source second hand hoops!If you have any suggestions, let me know…